Allgemeine technische Diskussion über den ReRelease

  • Demonmegi I will look, but they where probably of so high value that we sold them on eBay ;D

    The items should be in sync with the "release" material we where given, but there where a few different "original" releases.

    I was also told that the extras MP3 soundtrack included, might have been CD audio tracks on a release - and they are dated mid 2007.

  • As far as I know the thief in the church only was part of the SoAmigos-Mod and not in the original at all. I believe in the original the the prisoner appeared an soon as you entered Chapter two, but his apparent "features" were also part of the mod.

    Feel free to correct me on any of this, if I'm wrong.

    • Official Post

    There are version differences. The "cheater" (what we called the guy in the cell back than) was a mystery, because he was only there in some versions of the game. Depending where you downloaded/installed the first Chapter from you either had him or you did not.

    The unofficial patch added the possibility to interact with him and a few other things.

  • Demonmegi or anyone else - I have now aligned the german items.db and title.db with the other languages - so that includes the missing CD_ items.

    Could someone test these for me? They need to go into \ArtLib\Resources\Database\german.

    That said - beware that the exercise with the re-release was to get all 5 languages available again - so that means with the German release a step forward compared to the original German release, but for those being used to the SoAmigos 0.7 patch - a half setup back.

    I would personally love if we over time your put all SoAmigos patch adjustments back in (were they make sense), but I would prefer if we get the localization separated from the title.db and items.db (preferable also the .cnv files) before beginning that endeavour - that design was made back then - but today I would fire people for such a stupidity.

    Regardless of language you should have the same skills, points and experience - unfortunately I did not do good enough job on getting the German resources sorted out.

  • SteveNew

    Hi, i've tested the new .db files with the version and can confirm the CD_ items in Chapter1 are obtainable.

    Thanks for the work you and this community are placing on such an old but good jewel of a game.



    -Edit: the "Double Bladed Battle Axe, abgenutzt" gets now the proper german name "Doppelschneidige Streitaxt, abgenutzt", thanks again

  • I am currently also going through the logic in the German .cnv, nothing breaking yet, apart from the Entrowe file, but a bit of dialog is added - and few places a bit of logic - so that it does align with the English - we use as base.

    The goal is to get this done, before we patch.

  • Kann mir bitte jemand erklären wie genau die Schnellreise "T" im Re-Release funktionieren soll.

    Egal wann ich die Taste während dem 1.Kapitel drücke, ich lande immer im Zimmer von Corvus in der Außenburg OG.

    Kenne diese Funktion erst seit ich hier im Forum das Lesen angefangen habe.

    Can someone, please explain to me how the fasttravel "T" functions with the Re-Release.

    Anytime I press "T" in Chapter 1, I get everytime ported to Corvus' room.

  • vorgash The current release - has the logic:

    In chapter 1 you are sent to the room

    In chapter 3 you are doing forest jumping - which is probably the one point it makes sense for now

    Otherwise you get to the south gate.

    But we will "fix" that - since there have been cases where it beaks gameplay - so only chapter 3 forest jump stays for now.

  • I did a small Item.db vs. character layers scanner - to help me identify all potential "Chestplate loot"-like issues, head and naked layers are ignored.

    So it is just a list that indicates that an item/clothing can't be removed from a character - we do not want everyone to be lying naked around. So I have compared my findings with the SoAmigos 0.7 patch fixes - but been careful not to add new quest items. I am sure the rest on the list can be ignored, since they were never fixed in the patch either. Some probably because there is no more room for shifting things around on the character - or it is not a character you would ever take things from.

    But better safe than sorry - would anyone care too give the remaining list a glimpse - and I will PM it to them?

    The list is in the form: Layered\chapter3\ghost.pox can't Loot slot: leg1=WLegPlate should be: [leg2]

  • Diego86 What Rucksacksepp said. And in a bit more detail:

    It is the last retail versions of the Anthology CDs in EN, DE, ES, PL and RU languages - where the maps are taken from the EN version - the official updates included on the CDs where applied.

    The game engine itself is what was released as open source in mid 2003 - which might not have been an exact match to the engine released on the Anthology CDs - but that is what we have - that code has then been tinkered with by various people for various purposes. So as a basis was my version used as baseline - and then we had to make all the languages behave as one. The original German version was in the worst state - which the SoAmigos 0.7 patch had fixed once - but we could not used that since it add things to other languages did not have - so we had to align the German story with the rest - so the German version ends up missing bits you had known from the SoAmigos Patch and the "very special" translation some of the original German version had (no more aliens and motherships)

    We did also not have access to any of the enhancements and fixed that was done by Steven Davis/BlackFly Studios - so we had to redo stuff in a very short period of time.

    So I hope we are mostly past most bug-fixing - German version was very troublesome since we had not gotten the alignment with the other languages right the first time around.

    So I get that you are confused :D - since the German version now on Steam/GOG - does not match 100% any of the previous German versions - but I do hope that the game still bring back god memories and happy times - despite the small nuances.

  • Vielen Dank Rucksacksepp und SteveNew für eure Antworten. Ich hatte mich nämlich gefragt ob die Inhalte aus dem inoffiziellen Patch von Steven Davis und/oder von Soamigos mit darin enthalten sind. Und ich fragte mich ob die HD bzw. FullHD Texturen aus der Mod mit dabei sind oder nicht.