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    I don't think that there is a possibility to fix that because we don't have the source code for PoxConvert.

    So my suggestion before doesn't work?

    Maybe in win 10 there is an option for it in "compatibility setting" when right clicking on the application and selecting properties.

    Windows 10 64 bit does not have 16 bit display option. The compatibility does nothing unfortunately :(

    I apologize for necroing this thread but I have a question:

    I am trying to export the brown tunic to gif to edit it into another color (I want to create tunic variation). I use the Pox convert tool but it only exports the 2nd of the 2 frames, which is essentially the shadow of the item and not the item itself.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Ok I forgot I had to make the item's inventory image by screenshot. I managed to make it all work, but windows 10 do not have a 16 bit color. How do I overcome this?

    Hello everyone :wink: !

    I been drooling over SoA ever since I played the 1st chapter as a demo. Finally I got to play it and for me its the best game out there. It might be shallow on some parts, but the potential it has due to modding makes it a prime candidate to spend time in.

    I noticed all the mods as well as the improved characters and armor/clothing/fx and I've been wondering which package should I download in order to experience this in a GoG Anthology version. I checked the forums but I am kind of confused :O:???::sad: .

    Thank you in advance!