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    And if you need effects for the test, here they are. Yes, I simply increased the number of frames for unfinished effects from 8 to 64, without taking into account the direction. But even the developers did not take this into account (see the “Shaman Mage” gif on one of the official sites).…/Chapt1_AnimCharFrame.htm Upd: I tested it. All three effects are not displayed

    Need a little help. I've added two new effects for the Push spell (two consecutive levels). Everything works, but I can't do this: if there is a title for a third level spell - effect number three If the title is for the second spell - effect number two If not, effect number one. And, accordingly, so that the damage is calculated differently (ideally, also the range of action).

    1) With the title Reject = RejectEffect animation, Impact = ImpactEffect animation, if not - regular PushEffect animation.
    2) Depending on the title - your own calculation of damage and mana cost (you can set the same values, I will change them myself).
    3) If possible, then with the title "Reject" = radius 125% of the normal radius. "Impact" = 110% of normal.

    It’s strange that the error is due to the wordwarp, because then I would have had a similar problem in 1.11 (I checked this reason first of all(extra space problem)).

    Hmm..I’ll test it a little later and if everything is good, I’ll learn how to make transfers myself

    UPD: Yes, indeed, it was this very simple mistake that I have already caught many times. This time I didn't check the whole document because everything worked fine with the old .exe (which is very strange)...and it was my mistake. Thanks for the help.:)

    Log if launched with a new .exe (in the language version, where the .db is edited).


    I checked with .exe from version 1.10 (without the last added transit) - the error repeats.
    I checked with .exe from version 1.09 (without new transit and spell icon coordinate) - the error repeats.

    Interestingly, all Items.db are ANSI encoded (including Russian, which I edited). But the English one (the only one of all) has UTF-8 encoding. But the error I have is not with the English file.

    Perhaps I was offended in the wrong way. I'll try to write point by point:

    1) I have my edited item.db (so far only one in the language version).

    2) If I run through the .exe, which I have now (1.11), there will be no problems.

    3) If I compile the .exe from the source (it turns out 1.12) - in the language version that I edited - the undressed NPC (that is, item.db is not recognized).

    4) In other language versions, where I did NOT edit item.db, there is no such problem.

    I think the problem is in the encoding of my file, but I don't understand why everything works without errors with the old .exe.

    Okay, everything seems to be working. But when I launch a new Siege.exe, the game does not seem to recognize item.db - items on characters are not displayed - (the one I edited, if run in other languages - everything is fine). Encoding problem?

    Usually the error occurs if there is an extra space somewhere in item.db, but I checked my file with the old Siege.exe - everything is fine.

    The problem is precisely in the Siege.exe that I am building.

    Then just close the doors in each type of village when loading? Or is it better to keep it simple? :)


    1)The names of the summoners need to be changed. Instead of "Rat" = "#CharacterName.Rat# ,"Wolf" = "#CharacterName.Wolf#, "Golem" = "#CharacterName.Golem#
    2)The triggers for the caves and crypts of Chapter 6, as well as Mithras, are likely to have an error. Instead of "04chapter4" the non-existent title "04chapter5" is used.

    3)I tried to compile it myself (Siege.dpr->Project/Build Siege) but got this error. Did I do something wrong?

    Small fixes that can be included in your patch (fixed in my modification).
    1) Experience for killing a group of fire beetles in Infernus is not given.
    2) In many places, experience is not awarded for killing a group of wolves.
    3) The door to the church does not close when entering
    4) Siilazin (fourth act) does not become aggressive during some lines, although logically it should. (script unfinished)

    5)Smoldering Ring - Invalid inventory icon (should be RubyRing)


    By the way, you can send me the sources of the .exe that I use (with changed coordinates of spell icons and full transit throughout the castle, including the latest addition - the eastern gate)?

    Here are the images I use. You could include them in a patch. Then you won’t have to make two exe files each time (for me and for the patch), but only one. (some images are temporary, but I will use them until the end of development).

    1) Yes, I used this method.

    2) Is there any point in editing a fairly old game that very few people play? ^^^^ It's fun. It’s just fun to correct such small logical inconsistencies.

    Even here there is some point. And it should be in the equipment. But since this is not for a patch, it will go into modification (possibly).

    3) Sounds reasonable. In this case, I will give you for the patch only those edits that do not require localization... but everything that requires dialogue texts, etc. I will do it in my own modification.

    4)Here's a fix that can be added to the patch: add a condition to talk to the captain to Penrith's trigger (when he goes to report his brother's disappearance). We talked, optionally trained, said “I’m ready”, left training - and then the “AIMode=IdleAI” trigger went off. Now there is no condition and you can go in and out and the trigger is already triggered.

    There is one rare parameter in dialogue scripts - “wrn()”, which not only checks the presence of an item, but also whether it is equipped on the player. In my fashion, I've already used it a couple of times. It appears to only appear once in the game itself. I have two questions:

    1)Are there any other rare phrase selection options other than stt(characteristics), ttl(title), obj(item) or wrn(equipment)? Update: There is also an analysis of the party (pty) and the chapter (chp), but they are not used anywhere. The question has been removed.
    2) Is it possible to check the player’s money amount when selecting a dialogue? (without resorting to source code changes, of course).


    The third question is for your future patch. The edits concern the astral plane.


    First, the doors in the temple (to the north) should be unlocked once we get rid of the Shamans inside the temple. This will save you from unnecessary running for the necklace.


    Secondly, obelisks with portals must ONLY be activated with the corresponding amulet equipped. The game provides the ability to equip them - but there is no point in this. I don’t know if it’s possible to check this point in a script (ifhasitem - they will only check availability), but, as an option:
    -Add a hidden title to each amulet
    -When activating the obelisk, we check for the presence of this title;
    -if not, the message “You need to put on ... an amulet.”
    -Since portals do not close, you can remove the amulet from your inventory immediately after opening the corresponding portal (this item is optional).

    Slightly fixed the transition trigger to the second chapter.

    say41=I need to go to a report
    say42=I need to take the relic
    say43=We need to go to the report and take the relic
    If we come to Mudam and have not yet taken the brother to the infirmary, he does not want to listen to the report until we take the brother to the monks

    Now there is no need to talk to anyone before leaving the village, but there is a need to return the Chalice.
    I also noticed that the gate trigger at the South Gate was broken (OnLoad). Because of this, he doesn't lock the gate in Chapter 6 (even though he should). On the other hand, the transition trigger also includes movement for the sixth chapter... but I think it is better to restore the closure.

    1) I was thinking about invisrigger, yes!

    Thank you.

    2) What a ridiculous typo. Everywhere, all the characteristics are written correctly "strength", but here, when checking responses in the dialogue, you need to use strengHT." DevOPs, what the hell...

    3) Yes, and only with these adventure games I have no options on how to fit them into the game. I included all the others that were the basis for some quests (for example, escaping from prison) in the mod.

    If I remember, I will write more suggestions for those of my fixes that have not yet been affected by your patch and that are suitable for an unmodded game.

    By the way, I forgot to write about a couple of points that I paid attention to when creating quests:

    1) If you create a trigger on an area with the condition “ ifcurrent; converse(nameconverse); endif;”, the dialog will be activated with a delay and will lag. If "converse" is attached to a character/item, everything is as usual.

    2) In the converse file, in the conditions for the appearance of response options to a replica, you can check titles (ttl), the presence of objects (obj) and characteristics (stt).

    In the latter case, apparently, ONLY charm and/or perception are checked. For example, I needed the answer option to appear only with the appropriate strength. Does not work. (I solved this problem by creating a trigger that assigns a title at the required strength... and checking the title when checking options for possible answers to a phrase works, as is known)

    But the most important mistake (not the game engine's mistake, but mine), of course, is that I made a lot of corrections and did not keep a record of these corrections. XD Noticed => Corrected => Continued and did not note in the log what exactly I corrected. I'm ashamed. :O

    When I translate my work into English, I will create a comprehensive patch note, of course.

    However, I want to mention here a couple of fixes that I made recently and which can be made even in your patch for an unmodded game.


    In the first chapter, Corvus, in the event - "onload" section you need to write:


    Why is this necessary? Because a situation is possible when you save your brother, leave the basement with the ogre, and as soon as you are teleported to the outer castle, you DO NOT go to meet Sir Roth (to let the trigger work), but go out to the Outer Bailey location. There you remove Corvus from your party, go back, turn in the quest to Roth, go to the Crosby and go to Mudam. But Corvus doesn’t disabled anywhere and you can still take him to a party, put him in your room(for a while) and in the sixth chapter have TWO Corvus in your party.

    2)In the first chapter, a little more logically, the map loading trigger for the second chapter should be corrected plot-wise. First we must go to the report, take our brother to the doctor, and only THEN go to Sir Roth in the inner castle. The game allows you to skip these two events, which, in my opinion, is illogical. My trigger version looks like this:

    (Yes, I had free phrases say 41-43, all previous numbers have already been used.) say41=First you need to go to Mudam's report. say42=First we need to take my brother to the infirmary. say43=First you need to take your brother to the infirmary and report to Mudam.)

    3)In the fifth chapter (at the end). Enthrowe's trigger at the beginning of Chapter 6 is triggered if the player has the title "05Queensaved" (Killing a Dreamwalker). It is much more logical, in my opinion, if this trigger is activated in the presence of the title "05nanesifreed" - the heart jar is open.

    As I already said, I made these three corrections just yesterday, but in general there are already several dozen changes. (maybe more than fifty, since there are a large number of broken titles, incorrect conditions for adventures, errors in dialogue, and logical errors in the game.) Of course, I am still silent about typos and some translation errors, but this is the last thing I correct. :kaffee:

    P.S. about adventures. All vanilla adventures can appear in the player's list. I either created/corrected the conditions, created this or that event or mini-quest. The only adventures from the vanilla list that I did not use and did not figure out how to logically include them in the game are adventures with numbers: Ch1-38, Ch1-54, Ch1-65 and... it seems that’s all. Oh, there’s still one unused adventure - ch4-532, but I’ve already thought of a small event on how to play around with it.
    When it’s his turn, I’ll implement it. Therefore, only three extra, the rest were useful.

    I just remembered that there was one more thing that I didn’t fix. In the first chapter we can find the Chalice, but not give it away, but put it in the chest. Then in the sixth chapter, Father Massus will still give it to us and we will have TWO “unique” relics. Agree, logically this is stupid. Additionally, finding the Chalice is a key plot point. Perhaps the following conditions should be created: 1) Don't allow into the village until you've talked to Massus and (possibly) Elareth. 2) In the conditions of access to the ogr’s basement, among other things, add the mandatory completion of the quest with the Chalice (title). I'll think about it some more.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I wish you success, happiness and health. In the meantime, I continue to work on my modification. Approximately 20% of the originally planned quests have been written, most of the locations have been completed. I try not to violate the lore (of the main game, in the modification - I didn’t even play the pillars, sorry), integrate all quests into existing chapters. It is possible to add a chapter between the second and third, as well as three chapters between the fifth and sixth. The plans include a semi-secret ending.


    -16 fully prepared quests or quest events, including several chain ones, completed sequentially. (And more than fifty have a complete or partially written plot).

    -Using "conv", I implemented a simple dice game (one of the quests).

    - Restored all possible adventures (there are only two unreleased ones left and quests are already being written based on them. New adventures have also been added.

    -Written 9 pages of the journal. There are many more plans.

    -The skill training system has been slightly reworked and made more logical.

    -The ability to combine game classes with various quests and rewards has been implemented.

    -The castle has been completely completed (including the third floor of the southern gate). The plans are to add more NPC dialogues (although most have already written them), perhaps to make catwalk walls, in addition to the one that already exists.

    -Multiple images created.

    -All names of NPC and of activated items and containers have been converted to the #CharacterName.***# format.

    Question: when will all plans be implemented? I plan to finish in May-June + a couple of months for translation into English (German translation later and with some help)

    By the way, about the upcoming events: for example, I have written a large quest with access to Noble Bailey, where you will need to curry favor with representatives of all the Seven Kingdoms.

    I hope I won't overlap in plot ideas :)

    Oh, and one more thing. I will make all possible edits to paich 1.12 into my mod, and some I have already made a long time ago, namely: lines 8, 15, 17 (this was logical). I'm hoping that I won't have an automatic update when I launch the launcher? I wouldn't want that for now.

    "Mudam.cnv: Ogre fight only available after killing traitors and giving Lahren the ahoul letter in order to get to know the location"

    I did it a little differently:

    1)JournalA given to a Lahren- enabled the lieutenant in the church.

    2)JournalB given to a Lahren - opens access to the church basement (otherwise the switch is inactive)

    This is the first part.

    3)JournalC given to a Lahren - adds the title "01Ogre"

    4) JournalD given to a Lahren - Addtitle "01knowabouttraitors"

    This is the second part

    5)Kill all diggers in a church - addtitle "01foundAhoul".


    а)Let's go to the report - addtitle "01reportAhoul" or

    b)We explore the basement and kill the traitors, addtitle "01foundTraitors" => "01reporttraitors"

    7)If we have "01reportAhoul"+"01reportTraitors"+"01knowabouttraitors", Mudam addtitle


    8)If we have "01reportAll"+"01Ogre" - Fight with the ogre is available

    Thus, you must definitely find all four scrolls.

    Hello. Small question. I learned how to create my own images, including how to make new activators from static. I cut out the desired frame from a static image(Poxini), create an ini, convert it to gif and to pox (using a virtual machine, I have Windows 10). I removed the black background, but the problem is that the frame from the original .pox is pulled out with some kind of red highlight. How to pull out a clean frame?
    (Except for the option to edit the desired image manually, of course.)