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    Sorry for just jumping in - and in English...

    I had this running on Steam Play/Proton back two years, and blogged about the coming patch back then https://fixedbycode.blogspot.c…1/10/a-taste-of-wine.html

    Rucksacksepp did add even more options, but I must admit I have not played it on Wine/Proton since - got new primary machine (AMD Graphics), that broke the game - which could also be the culprit here.

    I was pointed to this: - so works - for some.

    I am back playing the game windowed on that machine - but if there is demand for it - we should look at it.

    I am running a plain Ubuntu+Steam+ProtonDB.

    As I understand it, the Roland GM midi driver is missing, so you can add that via ProtonTricks - I guess it is all about licensing.

    I even think mp3 decoding was pulled out of Wine years back, so again tricks are needed.

    As I remember the code, MP3 files have precedence over MID files. But a lot changed on the DirectX part during spring.

    I did not encounter the whitescreen bug, but to play the game you need to "disable" the ddraw.dll the game provides, which is a feature in an upcoming patch.

    Since Linux is my personal main OS, I would have loved to have a real Linux version, but this solution would still be okay.

    I currently detect when running under Wine, I can adjust for that.

    Advanced users can then install WineTricks/ProtonTricks to solve music issues.

    I do not know if there is any/sufficient interest in this:

    We are tinkering a bit with some upcoming patches and improvements - and not sure how much effort I should put into this, but at least it seems that the game will be playable on Steam under Linux/ProtonDB - with the coming patch.

    Would a simple settings guide be sufficient, or should I dig a bit deeper? (And this is NOT a Linux port, and it is experimental and AS-IS)

    Music would currently require WineTricks:

    Just guessing: Could it be that there was a switch of language between games - since the savegames are not 100% compatible between languages. (Localized text is stored within - that should eventually be on the developers to-do list to fix and make language-agnostic).

    ..I might add (sorry in English), that the different language versions of the game had some deviations, and we needed to start of with what was in the US Anthology version (which I guess there were multiple :D)

    So what goes in should follow the spirit of the game, and also be available in all language versions, so a bit more cumbersome than just adding all the great stuff that was done in the SoAmigos patch - (which actually still had stuff missing from the US version (which is now in the re-release), but it did have the Bananen-quest :D)

    Well - the votes are in, the code is done and pushed - so should be in the next patch - maybe :)

    Video of the final result - Tab-key for liveMap toggle, and m-key as-is (but it does also hide liveMap) - sorry no key-stoke preview in video :(

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    simon2000 That is mostly correct and SDL2 would also be first choice. But the current nature of the engine and the dependency of the DFX library and windowism makes it more trouble-some. There is a reason, why it failed back in 2003 when someone tried. We are currently jumping through loops and hoops it that perspective.

    And fixing most issues and get things align, makes that exercise easier - most of the old code should have been refactored or thrown away before anyone should go down that hole - but you are more than welcome to try :)

    simon2000 On my personal wish list, is to get rid for the current bmp fonts - and in the load/save dialogs I had to do that already. But as you said not trivial, since resources should ideally be re-encoded and the .db and other things are very ANSI dependant.

    I am not sure the business math adds up on a game that you can get for the prices of a packet of cigarettes (DK prices).

    And if I could get one wish for free in terms of load of work, I would pick cross-platform support.

    Diego86 What Rucksacksepp said. And in a bit more detail:

    It is the last retail versions of the Anthology CDs in EN, DE, ES, PL and RU languages - where the maps are taken from the EN version - the official updates included on the CDs where applied.

    The game engine itself is what was released as open source in mid 2003 - which might not have been an exact match to the engine released on the Anthology CDs - but that is what we have - that code has then been tinkered with by various people for various purposes. So as a basis was my version used as baseline - and then we had to make all the languages behave as one. The original German version was in the worst state - which the SoAmigos 0.7 patch had fixed once - but we could not used that since it add things to other languages did not have - so we had to align the German story with the rest - so the German version ends up missing bits you had known from the SoAmigos Patch and the "very special" translation some of the original German version had (no more aliens and motherships)

    We did also not have access to any of the enhancements and fixed that was done by Steven Davis/BlackFly Studios - so we had to redo stuff in a very short period of time.

    So I hope we are mostly past most bug-fixing - German version was very troublesome since we had not gotten the alignment with the other languages right the first time around.

    So I get that you are confused :D - since the German version now on Steam/GOG - does not match 100% any of the previous German versions - but I do hope that the game still bring back god memories and happy times - despite the small nuances.

    Seems like everyone are in favour of adding this option - so I was thinking it like:

    1. Adding the tab-key for live transparent map, and then M-key stays as-is. So when a map in some form is visible - one of the map-keys will remove it.


    2. Add a Siege.ini setting that lets the "advance" player pick what type of map-interface they prefer - default would be the current one - and all would be invoked by the M-key.

    Any preferences?

    BTW: Proof of Concepts needs to flicker and take less than an hour to produce ;)

    rucivfan Thanks - we will investigate - not quite sure what happened. Regarding the 10 training points, that was how the better "balanced" party hitpoints option was set - but you can set that back to pre-patch 1.03, by adding AdjustedPartyHitPoints=false in the Siege.ini.

    Edit: We found the clipping issue - seems to be only in fullscreen with HD or FullHD issue - the issue is fixed and a quickfix will be pushed.


    I just want to hear some opinions from people, about this.

    I just added a bit of conceptual code, so does anyone even want this:

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    It is a tab-key toggle overlay map - Diablo-like. Mind the flickering - this is just conceptual. If there is any interest in it, I will actually need to make it work properly :D

    I had to expand the use of "proper" fonts - in the load/save dialogs - since the "stupid" bitmap-image fonts used mostly everywhere are using the codepoint of the given position of the codepage - of which that are currently 3 (1250, 1251 and 1252) - so a Russian or polish save game name - did not display well in that dialog.

    And the .ini files containing text need for that reason to stay in their encode form - I would just have switch those to UTF-8, but that breaks the bitmap-image fonts - and they need to be read both as ANSI encode and local encode - since the in-game say did use proper fonts.

    But removing all bitmap-image font stuff would be great over time.