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  • do you know if there is a way to add pages to chests or if items can be safely left on ground (I like to collect items, and have encountered issues with packing chests and then shiz disappearing because it doesnt save item orer

    • Adding pages to chest would be way too complicated to add this feature. But I'll take a look for next patch if there's a easier solution in order to save all items since as you've already found out that Items aren't saved in order so sometimes one or two items will be deleted after a mapload.

      Items on the ground are saved on each map. But beware: If it's a new map like village 1 from chapter 1 to 2 and so on you won't find that item anymore, since it's a new map. The safest place to do so is OkeepL2 (start map). That's everytime the same map from chapter 1 to 6.

    • hell yeah ty

  • do you know if there is a way to get the soamod.exe menus in english, allow windowed mode, and allow for higher resolutions while remaining centered?

    • Hi, with this application you only have this one menu (german). and it stays in the top left corner. But that's the only interface/dialog which behaves like that. Windowed mode isn't possible. Would be much work to change that in the old source code.

      But if you want all those things just use the other modpaket which is based an the new engine like the rerelease version: Steam/GoG Siege of Avalon Modpaket DLC-Style

    • ty! it works great everything works in good resolution, windowed mode works, and everything. Really love the work yall put in, I loved this game 10+ years ago and its cool to see some people rly delved into modding it

  • Hi how are you my friend

  • Hallo Rucksacksepp,

    ich hätte eine frage und zwar wie "installiere" ich die patch Datei Siege of Avalon Patch 0.7 inkl. ReadMe, wenn ich es runterlade ist es eine .man Datei und mein PC kann die nicht wirklich zuordnen.

    Danke und LG Zedric

    • Hallo,

      wenn ich die Datei runterladen will, dann ist das bei mir eine .rar Datei. Diese lässt sich problemlos mit dem Programm "7zip" entpacken.



  • Grüße aus Avalon! Die Burg steht noch immer.