How to Install Chapted?

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    After you have downloaded ChaptEd you have to extract all files into your
    SoA main dir. ChaptEd.exe and DTmain1.exe shall be in the same folder.
    After that you have to edit the ChaptEdPOX.reg. Open it with an editor.

    You should use a Seek and Replace tool.
    Replace every


    in the file with your path. So, if your path is e:\DigitalTome\SoA you replace it with


    If this is done, add the information to the Registry. Then Chapted should work fine.

    But you should use a short path without Spaces.

    Bad Path:

    C:\Programms\Digital River\Siege of Avalon

    Good Path:


    If youuse a bad path chapted won't work properly.