Gesamtpaket der Mods TsK, DoA, PoA, AoA, Caves, RoD

  • Ja genau. Das Bild bleibt einfach schwarz und man sieht nur den SoA Mauszeiger. Es startet also schon, allerdings sieht man nichts.

    Mit der neuen Siege.exe funktioniert jetzt wieder alles! Vielen Dank!!! :)

    Was genau meinst du mit "wenn mal Kapitel 5 erscheint"? Was ist denn da noch alles in der Pipeline? :D

    Gruß und nochmal danke für die schnelle Hilfe.

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    AoA Kapitel 5 ist noch in Arbeit. Soll aber irgendwann fertig werden. Das kommt ja dann natürlich auch zum Modpaket dazu.

    Im Moment sollte sogar der Anfang von Kapitel 5 schon mitdabei sein. Da dann halt aufpassen und vor dem Anfang von Kap 5 einen Spielstand behalten, da sich später evtl was ändern wird, wodurch der Spielstand mitten in Kapitel 5 dann unbrauchbar wird.

    Kein Problem.

  • Hi, could someone tell me whether it is technically feasible to install all these mods on the English version of the game? I'm fine with the German text, it's a fun challenge to practice, but I don't have access to the German game version. I'm currently playing with the Anthology CD and the later 1.4 patch.

    Cheers & thanks for keeping this ancient gem alive!

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    Hi, it is possible, because the "Modpaket" is designed in a way to keep the original story (Siege of Avalon) unmodified apart from your roster in game and some text.

    1. You can have 4 partymembers instead of 2.

    2. Items, titles, mapnames and 3 conversations are now written in german. (Sir Roth Chapter 2, genericpartyjoiner, Quartermaster) 2 of those conversations have been changed in order to avoid a decrease of the max amount of partymembers later in game. The Quartermaster now gives you a bow at the beginning of the game if you choose "hunter". It wasn't like that in the german version but was planned from the original developers. So I added that. Well, you could make a copy of those files before and overwrite the ones from the "Modpaket" after installing it.

    All in all, I'm quite sure that you can install the mod package into the Anthology-Version without having problems later.

    Important: Patch 1.4 musn't be installed because the data structure is different from the original game. So your savegame (if you have played it with patch 1.4) isn't compatible anymore.

    Summary: Install only SoA Anthology and then the "Modpaket". ->Have fun

  • Herzlichen Dank! That's good to know! I had feared the different localisations of the game were incompatible altogether. Should I install the 0.7 fan patch offered here in lieu of 1.4, then? Or does this Modpaket already take care of all bugs by itself?

    PS: Entschuldige mein Schreiben in English bitte!

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    The 0.7 patch is mostly created for bugs in the german version. The german version had much more bugs than the Anthology one. I don't know how much bugs the anthology version contains. But I would say, that this patch takes care of all major bugs in german version, so for the few ones in the Anthology-Version, too.

    Attention: If you install this patch, most of the conversations will be the german ones.

    The Modpaket doesn't fix any bugs except the one with the quartermaster. Oh, and another one comes in my mind: The Ahoul Master Scout, you can find in Chapter 6 in village 5 will be friendly. So you can have an already exsisting conversation with him. It just wasn't implemented in game.

    So, yes you can use this patch, but you have to install it before the installation of the modpaket.

    No problem.

  • I'm mostly concerned about the 1024x768 display mode enabled with 1.4. I suppose there is no way to get this HD resolution with the German mods, then? I can live without the (female & skin tone) character customisation options, it's not like they were ever reflected by the game world anyway...

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