Experiencing the most of Siege of Avalon

  • Hello everyone :wink: !

    I been drooling over SoA ever since I played the 1st chapter as a demo. Finally I got to play it and for me its the best game out there. It might be shallow on some parts, but the potential it has due to modding makes it a prime candidate to spend time in.

    I noticed all the mods as well as the improved characters and armor/clothing/fx and I've been wondering which package should I download in order to experience this in a GoG Anthology version. I checked the forums but I am kind of confused :O:???::sad: .

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi,

    only for the main game:

    -a good extension would be the patch 1.06 because it fixes some bugs and issues which are still existig in v1.03.1.

    -the expansion from Eustace is the one there the human characters are remade, it is in odds with the patch because since 1.05 the XRef.db got a fix for the red naga animation. So if you don't mind that bug you can use that too and install it afterwards. But: I don't exactly know if there are some more files from the patch which may be overwritten then.

    For more story you should install the Steam/GoG Modpaket DLC-Style after the patch. Only the slowmo hotkey (v) from the patch will be deactivated because I didn't update the modpaket yet since patch 1.06 was released. The "Steam/GoG Modpaket" is the same Version but based on the older SourceCode and the "Modpaket" ist for the old Version from 2001.

    You can look here because there the extensions are filtered for the Rerelease which you own: https://soamigos.de/wbb5/fileb…neuver%C3%B6ffentlichung/