Schnelle Bewegung auf der Karte. Hilfe!

  • Log if launched with a new .exe (in the language version, where the .db is edited).


    I checked with .exe from version 1.10 (without the last added transit) - the error repeats.
    I checked with .exe from version 1.09 (without new transit and spell icon coordinate) - the error repeats.

    Interestingly, all Items.db are ANSI encoded (including Russian, which I edited). But the English one (the only one of all) has UTF-8 encoding. But the error I have is not with the English file.

  • Ok seems like you have an other issue than me. But good that I've discovered the encoding mistake, otherwise next patch would have a bug. :1prayer:

    Maybe you should add the/your "incorrect" items.db as attachment. Otherwise it's hard to tell what exactly the problem is.

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • Found the error by comparing mine to your Items.db. You've accidentally made a wordwrap between DrkArmPlat... and |52|72|Metal.

    That causes the error.

    BTW: Here you can find a newer Version of the 3 .pas files since I've added the function to translate the names of the summoned creatures.

  • It’s strange that the error is due to the wordwarp, because then I would have had a similar problem in 1.11 (I checked this reason first of all(extra space problem)).

    Hmm..I’ll test it a little later and if everything is good, I’ll learn how to make transfers myself

    UPD: Yes, indeed, it was this very simple mistake that I have already caught many times. This time I didn't check the whole document because everything worked fine with the old .exe (which is very strange)...and it was my mistake. Thanks for the help.:)

  • Need a little help. I've added two new effects for the Push spell (two consecutive levels). Everything works, but I can't do this: if there is a title for a third level spell - effect number three If the title is for the second spell - effect number two If not, effect number one. And, accordingly, so that the damage is calculated differently (ideally, also the range of action).

    1) With the title Reject = RejectEffect animation, Impact = ImpactEffect animation, if not - regular PushEffect animation.
    2) Depending on the title - your own calculation of damage and mana cost (you can set the same values, I will change them myself).
    3) If possible, then with the title "Reject" = radius 125% of the normal radius. "Impact" = 110% of normal.

  • This shouldn't work that way when you put those lines to TPush.Create; This procedure is called when the game starts by the function Loadspells.

    Solution is complicated since a Casteffect is added to the spell directly. A way to edit that is by adding another effect like they did with TFireball.Casting. But then you need to add a new procedure TPush.Casting where you can add this effect with the particular title. At the moment I don't know if anything more has to be changed in order to also call the TPush.Casting procedure when TPush.Cast is called.

    To apply the effect radiuswise you may have to look how they did it with the spell rotating blades, but I've tried this once since I also had the idea to make a Pushlvl 2 with a radius to get more than one character pushed. It didn't work because some things were missing. I gave up then.

    Also be aware that you have doubled the following lines in TPush.Create, which will give you an error when trying to compile.


    on E: Exception do

    Log.Log(FailName, E.Message, []);



    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • Finished, but not tested because I don't have any of the new effects.

    You need to create another spell effect called Pushstandard which is just a transparent image. This way we can differ between 3 casteffects for the push cast.

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • And if you need effects for the test, here they are. Yes, I simply increased the number of frames for unfinished effects from 8 to 64, without taking into account the direction. But even the developers did not take this into account (see the “Shaman Mage” gif on one of the official sites).…/Chapt1_AnimCharFrame.htm Upd: I tested it. All three effects are not displayed

  • Checked patch 1.13
    1) Notes are interesting, but there is a problem with the bottom panel, regardless of resolution. I tried replacing one version or another, but then it just disappears. I guess the problem is the size of the new bottombar.
    2) In the future it would be great to add a line break after a certain number of characters.
    3) Well, completely unrealistic (and almost useless to anyone XD) - support for the Cyrillic alphabet.

    But, I repeat, the idea itself is very cool and it can be used in creating quests.

  • Image from Interfase folder bottombarHD4zu3 If you leave it like this, nothing changes. If they replace one of the options - bottombar, bottombarHD, bottombarfullHD - the image will not load at all.

    Yes, I already noticed with the space. I meant automatic transfer.
    In German it definitely is, in English and Russian too... But, really, none of these words fit the game setting.Okay, you’re right about that.XD

  • BottombarHD4zu3 isn't used in the new Version. This one is for the old one (Delphi 4 version) which has a fourth resolution (1024x768).

    Since I've added an option to "Play Alt Version" (which is the Delpih 4 version), the file is included in the patch. The reason for "Alt Version" is that some people have the infamous blue pixel bug which is related to the windowed mode in combination with a few GPUs (or maybe CPUs, anyway...). The Blue Pixel Fix option does work but can be slow on some PCs. Therefore I've added the old Version which runs at least.

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.