Schnelle Bewegung auf der Karte. Hilfe!

  • There's a problem.

    The game cannot pick up the spell name from text.ini. I'll try to explain.

    For example, I would like to rename a spell.

    class function TFirefly.GetName: string;


    result := '***';


    1) If "***" is something from an already existing list, then the replacement works.

    2) If "***" is a new line, then it does NOT work.

    This is strange, because I already added new lines when I created a couple of new spells, for example - everything worked.

    3) If "***" is a change to some old line, then it does NOT work.

    Perhaps the problem is in the encoding.


    Since creating new spells (and never changing them at all), I haven’t changed the encoding. But I checked with both UTF-8 and ANSI - it doesn't work.

    P.S.Perhaps the problem was caused by patch 1.13; I installed it after I created new spells (and as I said above, with the new spells everything worked and the game received new names from text.ini). But this is an assumption.
    And another question:

    Is it possible to create the "summon skeleton" and "summon hellhound" spells for the player?

    I've already created new aura spells and new projectile spells (based on existing ones), but I haven't tried making summoning spells. I think it's a little more I wrong?

  • Strange thing. I'd need to see your spells.pas to find the error.

    Normal Summon Spells need another initialization in anidemo.pas. Summon Skeleton works in another way with a summon guid and a sprite object which is placed on the map, since these charactrs have an equipment.

    So Hellhound is possible, Skeleton quite difficult to implement.

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • Try the following: 1) Rename any spell directly to Spell.pas (by adding a new name to text.ini) 2) The same thing, but taking the existing name from text.ini 3) The same thing, but renaming one of the existing ones to text.ini It is possible that there is an error in my encoding, but I seems...

    Yes, I noticed this, that's why I asked about the difficulty. However, there is no need, I have already created everything necessary.


    All changes to spell.pas (which I made)

    1)Elemental protection spells are now separate spells

    2) The “Illusion” spell has the second and third levels.

    3) The “Poison Aura” spell has the second level.

    4) Protection from magic now also provides protection from mental damage.

    5) New spell - poison ball, three levels.

  • Just renaming one in text.ini does work.

    Renaming Charge to Test and adding Test=Test to text.ini works.

    Renaming the spell to an existing one does also work, but you will have 2 spells then when addtitle(xy).

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • It sounds very strange. But the problem is definitely on my side. Gremlins are playing pranks, I guess XD

    Thanks for the help :)

    Actually, the original problem was that a new spell (for the test) was not given to the player. At first I thought that the icon coordinates were too big and the game couldn't read them. But it turned out that the game could not read the title in any way and I began to figure it out. Here's another thing: if I add a spell to Spell1.pas, I don't have to edit anything else in Spell.pas? It's possible that I just missed something. But I did the procedure for adding a new spell correctly. The names of all procedures, functions, etc. are also correct.

  • I checked, everything works now, but: 1) If I create a spell in spell1.pas (without changing anything in spell.pas - which may be my mistake) -

    cannot give the spell to the player.

    Oh, another question, but this time it’s more important: Is it possible to make the ifcurrent trigger react to your summon? For example, by editing spell.pas Or will it be necessary to register a new token (ifcurrentsummon, for example) or otherwise deeply edit the engine?

  • IQ 500 idea: Don't create a new spell in spell1.pas :engel:

    Actually I don't exactly know why since the RotatingBlades Spell via addtitle(blades) works.

    In your place I would edit the Source code. Adding a special token would work but how would you check for if you summoned something.

    What exactly do you need?

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • *feels like he is filled with the wisdom of all the billions of years of life of the Universe* I thought so! XD

    I had an idea with several tricky mechanics (and I figured out how to implement all of them with the existing capabilities, even without editing the code). But I don’t know this one yet. The point is this: use the summoned rat not only as a spy. There is a narrow hole that the character cannot get through. The rat runs into it, crosses the trigger and, for example, opens a secret passage.

    Maybe, instead of a new token, the option is to give the rat its own alliance (allied with the party), and the trigger - when in the visibility range of the invistrigger? Hmm... Although no, this is not an option.

  • Found the reason. Use the character.pas from the attachment.

    Then on the map where you need the rat this way. Use a trigger before that passage with player.addtitle(puzzlegame); and deactivate all over triggers which are for leaving the map. setgroupprop("xy",triggerenabled=false); could be usefull.

    Of course after that you should remove that title puzzlegame again.

    Didn't test ist yet, but it should work.