Schnelle Bewegung auf der Karte. Hilfe!

  • Thank you!

    In the meantime, I have another question.

    Looking through the sources, I found new spells that are not found in the game. (including enhanced versions). I was able to add many of them to myself (for example, the Golem Summon), but there are a number of spells that seem to be in the code, but through "player.addtitle ()"

    I couldn't add them. Is that intended or is there a bug?

    Here are the spells that could not be added:


    2) IceBlock (and enhanced version - IceLarge)


    4) Illusion

    P.S. Oh, I also noticed! What is the difference between Deflect and Reflect? The second spell seems to be an enhancement of the first one (since it cannot be added without the first one), but judging by the sources, only the icon changes.

    Would it be logical to change something (duration, mana cost.. anything)?

  • I've added some new spells back then: SummonRockGolem, Illusion, PoisonAura, Iceblock, Bloodlust and the improvement for Mirror Image (MirrorImp). The improvement is only good if you're not a mage. Then one of your three mirror images wil be a caster.

    These new spells aren't made for SoA itself, but for the mods (actually only Ashes of Avalon) in the Modpaket. The reason you can use the Rock Golem Spell (and also mirrorimp) is that I didn't do the same ifquery for that spell. Reason: Back then working on Patch 1.04 in which the publisher was still involved. I've added my additions from the older SourceCode I used for the Modpaket. And they didn't want being added new resources as they where needed for the new spells.

    Deflect just sets the new destination point for the projectile to "nil". So just a random direction. Reflect sets the destination to the point where the projectile's caster stands at that moment the projectile hits you. That's the small difference/improvement.

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  • Then there are four more questions:

    1) It turns out that the spells that I wrote about above can be made available in the main game by slightly correcting the code?

    The other three are purely cosmetic issues.

    2) Should the "SpellGlyphs" file from the "Interface" folder be modified? If yes, then I could draw icons for some spells, and tell you the coordinates of the corresponding icons. (I don't like that some upgraded spells have the same icons)

    3)Is it difficult to make sure that the names of ALL spells are taken from Text.INI, and not from the source?

    4) Is it also possible to take the names from Text.INI for improved versions (for example -Inferno instead of Flame if the player has such a version of the spell) or is it difficult to implement, since they are not separate spells, but add-ons to existing ones?

    Addendum to paragraph 2

    I changed SpellGlyphs, new coordinates are:

    1)Major Protection from Fire

    result.X := 25 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;

    2)Major Protection from Lightning

    result.X := 26 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;

    3)Major Protection from Poison

    result.X := 27 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;


    result.X := 28 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;


    result.X := 29 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;

    6)Power Death

    result.X := 30 * 32;

    result.Y := 0;

    7)Major Protection from Cold

    result.X := 25 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;

    8)Major Protection from Magic

    result.X := 26 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;

    9)Major Protection from All

    result.X := 27 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;

    10)Flying Blades

    result.X := 28 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;


    result.X := 29 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;


    result.X := 30 * 32;

    result.Y := 32;

  • 1. Yes and I'm thinking about to delete these ifquery for next patch anyway since I've needed these resources for the alternate Version I've also added (since patch 1.07) for people who have the blue pixel bug. And this Version is just the one from the Modpaket based on the old Sourcecode where I didn't tell apart the loading of the spells for the mods.

    2. I could add those. But maybe there is a something more to check when adding more spellglyphs. Let's see at weekend...

    3. Actually the spellnames in the text.ini are the ones you just have to copy and paste for the script: player.addtitle("spellname");

    4. Just addons/no extra spells. Doing it the over way would be too complicated. In the attachment you'll find a list of all improvements for the spells.

  • 1,2) Okay, I'll wait until the weekend.

    I checked, my new SpellGlyph game is ok. It remains only to correct the coordinates in the source code (only for those spells that I wrote above, I noted the coordinates accurately. You only need to add and compile them)

    3) Yes, but for example the Golem Summon still has a German description, a Power Death description (even if I add them to text.ini). It will probably be the same with other new spells/additions. But not everyone plays the German version.

    4) That is, if the character has "Flame" 1,2,3 levels, the name will still be one, taken from Text.Ini "Flame=...".

    For example, we check the conditions for the presence of an "improved" version of the spell, if yes, then we change the name (and only then it is picked up from Text.ini).

    Something like that (sorry, this is not a finished code, just pieces that are needed, as I understand it. Did I understand correctly?)

    if Source.TitleExists('Fireball')


    class function TFlame.GetName: string; begin result := 'Fireball';

    or for the third level:

    if Source.TitleExists('Inferno')


    class function TFlame.GetName: string; begin result := 'Inferno';

    Do the same for all upgraded spells.

    p.s. Thanks, but I already have a complete list of spells and their upgrades:)

  • Yes, but I mean it could be that there's something else to be consider like adjusting values for the whole spellglyphs.bmp which is bigger then.

    3. Wrote it to my list for next patch.

    4. Ah, now I get it. I don't think changing the names wouldn't make much sense. All in all you have already the different symbols to tell them apart.

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  • Ah, right. After all, I only checked the change of icons according to the old coordinates (I added the icons on the right in SpellGlyph.bmp and the game perceives the values of the old coordinates correctly), and not the new ones.

    3. Probably, this patch should be made separately for me, as I have an individual TransiteComplete.

    4. But it's more aesthetically pleasing and more logical.

  • The transitcomplete is already excluded. I was just referring to the correct translation of a few spells and also to just deleting the ifquerys for some spells.

    I've added the new glyphs for MirrorImp, Firefly, Inferno, Deepfreze, Flying Blades and Power Death. The other ones (protection spells) don't work the same way. Without changing the functions (and maybe something more) I cannot refer to a Character, so Source.TitleExists(xy) can't be used there. The same goes for the getname function.

    Here's the updated one:

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  • You need to check the transit in "westerngate". When clicking on the map (by the way, the coordinates are set correctly, thanks), "WesternGateAvaliable" is not activated, and the game seems to ignore "WesternGateOffLimits" (it doesn't matter if it is there or not). The transit itself works, the problem is only with the pictures.

    There are no problems with other locations.

  • Does the siege.log say anything about ...cannot find file 'xy.bmp' ? The Offlimits.bmp aren't used, if the section has a level file where you can go.

    I've just guessed the coordinates for the westerngate. So I thought there might be +/-5 pixel Offset but luckily it was correct.

    BTW: I've only recognized it since today that the available things from you (like WharfsAvaliable) do have scrambled letters.

    Wo ich bin klappt nichts,...
    aber ich kann ja nicht überall sein.

  • Report on all three files:

    1) WesternGateAvaliable
    The game does not care about this file, if you delete it - the game works, transits work, the log is empty


    The game does not care about this file either, if you delete it - the game works, transits work, the log is empty.


    Renaming or deleting this file causes the game to freeze when trying to transit. In the log there is a message about the missing file.


    P.S. One more question (became relevant as soon as I started filling in the locations). How does gsFilterID work? I set it, I specify "Define GridSpace Region", doesn't work.

  • I've tested it myself. Everything works as it should. See the picture below. I've just copied and renamed already existing imagefiles. That's why it looks this way.

    Offlimits isn't needed here. Just Unavailable and Available.

    The L and I is scrambled in most of the image names. Avaliable ->Available

    You have to set the FilterID for the GSFilter and Object, too.

  • Hmm .. Then, perhaps, the problem is with the positioning of the picture. I will add blue pixels.

    Yes, I noticed those typos. In order not to correct, I also copied from my post.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Okay, I fixed it. Sorry, that was my problem, not related to the source.)

  • I finished making all the main areas of the castle (preliminarily, now quests, conversions, etc. - a lot has already been written, but not added. I also corrected all possible errors that I noticed in the cnv.).

    But now I need your help again, I need an addition to the transits.

    - EasternGate ( EasternGateAvaliable,EasternGateUnavaliable) + Intermediate levels:CutEasternGateLev1,CutEasternGateLev2,CutEasternGateLev3

  • Hello. Small question. I learned how to create my own images, including how to make new activators from static. I cut out the desired frame from a static image(Poxini), create an ini, convert it to gif and to pox (using a virtual machine, I have Windows 10). I removed the black background, but the problem is that the frame from the original .pox is pulled out with some kind of red highlight. How to pull out a clean frame?
    (Except for the option to edit the desired image manually, of course.)