ReRelease Bugs

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    Wenn euch in dem ReRelease von SoA auf Steam oder Bugs auffallen, dann postet sie bitte in diesen Thread nach folgendem Schema.

    Wenn ihr könnt nach Möglichkeit auf Englisch damit es einfacher für die Entwickler ist die Bugs nachzuvollziehen. Falls eine Log-Datei vorhanden sein sollte bitte als Dateianhang anhängen.

    This thread is to collect bug-reports for the SoA re-release. If you have a log file please upload it too.

  • Platform: Steam

    Chapter: None

    Trigger: starting the game after pressing play

    Description: Not the most important thing in the world but i might as well try my chance. Linux, Steamplay Proton 6.3.2. When trying to start the game it ends up freezing and gives a white screen. The original version used to work out of the box. the log file simply ends up reporting the free space available, nothing else is reported.

  • Plattform:

    Playing in the resolution 800x600 with fullscreen and the correct 4:3 aspect ratio is not possible for me. Even if I force the correct aspect ratio (4:3) via the Nvidia driver, the game always starts with 800x600 fullscreen only stretched to 16:9.

    Window mode, however, works correctly. But I would like to play in full screen 800x600 in 4:3 because of the nostalgia.


  • Plattform:

    Trigger: After changing the map or after loading a safe.

    Description: The sorting of items placed in chests does not remain. In extreme cases, this can lead to the loss of items because items no longer fit in the chests. Items fit into chests only in a certain order when completely filled. In an early version of the game, the problem did not exist. The problem came only through an update. I always like to put all the items in chests to later re-dress my hero. For this I use the chests in the Außenburg OG. So the problem also occurs with the chests in my room.

  • I played through the first chapter today and encountered several bugs.

    Platform: Steam

    Chapter: 1

    1. Char sound files

    Trigger: I'm guessing here, but in the character creation I switched back and forth between the male and female preset a bit.

    Description: Although the character I'm playing is male, a female groaning is being played whenever the char gets hit by an enemy. This is quite humerus but also annoying.

    2. Text window size

    Trigger: Entering a conversation

    Description: The size of the dialogue windows does not adjust itself for long pieces of dialogue. This sometimes leads to the answering options being pushed out and being displayed below the text scroll. Against dark backgrounds they become hard to read and also they remain at their position for the rest of the dialogue. If the NPC has several long pieces of dialogue in the same conversation, the answering options stack on top of each other (making them impossible to read).

    3. Cursor

    Trigger: Again entering a conversation

    Description: This is a minor bug, but it still occurred several times during my playthrough of the first chapter.

    Sometimes the cursor used to navigate the map gets stuck when you enter a conversation and a second cursor appears, with which the dialogue can be navigated. The second cursor disappears after the conversation.

    4. Chests

    rucivfan already addressed this one (the details are the same for me, except that I purchased the game via Steam).

    I still wanted to name the bug though because I lost several shields and pieces of armor through this and it could potentially be game breaking if a quest item disappeared.

    I have to disagree with rucivfan though on the fact, that this only started after updating. This one is not new to me, I think I also saw items rearranging in chests when I played the game via my old CD's before (so maybe it always used to be like this?).

  • Below comments are purely from me personal - and might not express the view/politics of Sneg or General Arcade (great people btw.)

    voldemort13  Demonmegi  TFTgamer  rucivfan  Listig - thanks and keep them coming, very nice to have these found and documented.

    That said, these might not be fixed over night, but we are all in general in a better position than before if you ask me:

    - We have a game that now is available again

    - We did not have the source from the Steven Davis patches available - that would had been very helpful and time saving. So some things we must find and fix a new. (We did fix thing that was never fixed before also :D )

    - It runs in general better on new Windows OS ( sorry Demonmegi ) than before with various tweaks

    - My favourite: Windowed Mode - makes it a lot easier to debug and work with code - for all of us

    - The people involved did ensure that the source code of the engine stayed open - so now the re-released source is available on the Publishers GitHub.

    - I will continue to do a bit of fixing and feature addition to the engine - this does not mean that these will all (if any) get into the Steam/GOG release but they could - but as such is the project getting SoA on Steam and GOG for me officially over - but I will help when time allows.

    - Finally all chapters in all languages are combined and aligned story and feature wise - which also means it does miss some of the added content from the SoAmigos patch.

    - There are bugs in the game, that did require too much work compared to impact - mostly "cosmetic" like cut in half by tent flaps.

    - And the community can find together again and dust of their bug fixing skills ;)

    And one last wish - if you find things that would benefit from a visual like Listig #2 - then please add an image showing the issue - that makes it helpful. Some of the translations of the conversations ended up in whole novels, compared to the original English version.

    And remember this game does not have a price and probably not had budget that matches Diablo II - Resurrected ;)

    Thanks to every one for helping out!! *Daumen hoch*

  • Oh - I should submit a bug :)

    Platform: all

    Chapters 4 and 6 I think.

    When playing in HD og FullHD - there are two place that I know of where the "submap" is less than 30 x 34 tiles - than can cause "glitches"

    I am pretty sure some of the mapmakers here can easily fix that - let me know.

  • Platform: Steam

    Chapter: 1

    Trigger: playing the game, on any map, especially walking

    Description: the mouse seems to flicker sometimes though im unsure about the circumstances why. it kinda normalized after turning off mouse acceleration. its possible it happens because i use vmware player.

    and another one:

    Platform: Steam

    Chapter: 1

    Trigger: having a conversation open with an NPC that has a lot of text

    Description: when talking with elarath or mudam there is a lot of text at once - this seems to "push out" the answers we can give as players to the NPC. i play on the 1920x1080 resolution (fullhd option)

    edit: a third one. the text with mudam is not german in this particular scene

    im a bit nitpicking here obviously so dont be too harsh on me xoxo

  • Sorry spamming again:

    In regards to the mouse cursor flickering - experimenting with the vsync setting in the siege.ini might help. But looking at the mouse cursor implementation is a thing that to look at.

    The untranslated spot I missed in Mudams conversion is pushed, and a few other things.

    Thanks again.

  • Platform: GoG

    Chapter: None

    Trigger: unkown

    Description: I cant loot Chestpieces or "outer" parts from Corpses. For Example, the southern gate underground. I can clearly see that one of the two soldiers down there wears still a breastplate, but cant loot it.

  • Plattform:

    Chapter: Chapter 1

    Trigger: Kill the traitors at South Gate

    Description: after killing the traitors in the south gate basement, you get a quest entry with a mix of english and german

    "Verräter in South Gate gruben einen Tunnel,..." maybe change it into "Verräter am Südtor gruben einen Tunnel,..."

    -Edit: fixed in Version 1.02

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    Kapitel/Chapter: beginn Chapter 2

    Trigger: Start of the Chapter

    Beschreibung/Description: In the first dialogue of the second Chapter Sir Roth introduces you into the Earthstone Quest. He tells you that you may take Party-Members, but not more than 2


    "You may take no more than two people with you."

    I believe you can in this version take up to 4 people right? In that case this should be fixed for all languages.
    Perhaps, if possible, the better solution would be ti restrict it back to 2 party-members because being able to take 4 makes the game really easy? Also in the original release 2 was the maximum

  • Platform: Steam

    Chapter: Any

    Trigger: unknown

    Description: Similar to scriptorrerum . I noticed it when I wanted to loot the Ahoul Warriors and Skeletons in Chapter 2.

    I know that sometimes items are placed on "page 2" of the corpses inventory, but no matter how much stuff the guy carries, the game always tells me the first page is also the last.

    So maybe the issue is not, that items aren't displayed in the inventory/aren't meant to be looted, but you just cant get to them?

  • Plattform: Steam

    System: Windows 7, i7-5960X, GTX Titan X, 1920x1080 windowed on an 5760x1080 desktop

    Chapter: 0 (Main Menu)

    Trigger: After the intro sequence, either by letting it play or by skipping it with ESC

    Description: The last frame of the movie (black or where ESC was pressed) still shows and overlays the main menu. The main menu can be seen by moving the mouse over the game's icon in the task bar and then onto the window preview. Alt + F4 keeps the game running, I have to kill it in the task manager.

    Workaround: By renaming or removing .\steamapps\common\Siege of Avalon Anthology\Movies\SiegeOpening.wmv I get to the main menu directly and can start a new game successfully.

    [EDIT:] This was fixed with version 1.02